To the Left: Manufacturing consent, labor organizing, & the PRO Act

In this week’s episode of “Mainline Presents: To the Left,” Aja & co-conspirator Ryan in Marketing are joined by event and music labor organizer Chris Tollack in Atlanta and Phillip Golub of the Musicians Workers Alliance in New York City. The four discuss what happened in Bessemer, the lengths corporations go with anti-union messaging, manufacturing consent, what the PRO Act does, and how it would empower musicians/artists/freelancers, and the “precariat” class. (This episode is Ryan’s fault.)

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To learn more about what happened in Bessemer from lead organizer Joshua Brewer:

Join the Debt Collective:

Check out MWA:

“Breaking Down the PRO Act” by Brandon Magner (because none of us are labor law experts, and labor law is intentionally confusing):

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