To the Left: How American media systems paved the way for a pro-Trump insurrection

Last week in America’s never-ending saga of “What the Fuck Just Happened?”, Trump supporters sieged the nation’s Capitol, effectively disrupting government procedure in the certification of states’ Electoral College votes for President-Elect Joe Biden. Incidentally, this occurred the day after Georgia elected its first Black and Jewish senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff — another example of how white rage and violence has eclipsed the monumental work and stories of Black liberation. Aja and Ryan discuss how we got here and what role the media has played in bringing us to what needs to be the new point of no return. The only way out is taking bold steps in media reparations, press holding itself accountable, and saving local journalism. As the media continues to repeat its mistakes, even after the most explosive demonstration of white supremacy we’ve seen in our waking memory, the question has become, how far to the bottom must we go before reform is made?

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