January 2021 Release Round Up

Feeling connected to the local music community is tough right now. So, we collected the newest music by some of our favorite Atlanta artists, and put them in one convenient place. :)

“Debt of Love” by Canopy Joc

The easy-going, genre-blending new single “Debt of Love” is a perfect introduction to Canopy Joc, the solo project of True Blossom guitarist Chandler Kelley. “Debt of Love” highlights the firm understanding of funk Kelley brings to the table in his songwriting, but has the freedom to break from pop structures and play with new sounds. With more releases on the horizon, we eagerly await Canopy Joc investigating this newfound independence.

Low Country by Thalmus

In the latest solo project of Shepherds guitarist and vocalist Jonathan Merenivich, Thalmus reimagines side A of “Low” by David Bowie with Low Country. Released on January 8th in commemoration of Bowie’s birthday, Low Country is full of country renditions of the iconic 1977 album in addition to two original recordings. This isn’t Merenovich’s first foray into creative covers; he released a five-song EP of Big Star/Three 6 Mafia mash-ups last year entitled Radio City Killa under the moniker Big Star Mafia. Thalmus is the kind of project we hope to find during quarantine; Low Country is a playful exercise, exploring for the sake of exploring.

“Raft” by Sloping

When he’s not fronting Indie band Scooterbabe, songwriter JJ Posway delivers cutting self-reflections in his solo project Sloping. “Raft” is a harshly cutting inner monologue that is as confessional as an excerpt from Posway’s diary. Gaining the attention of NPR Music, “Raft” is the first glimpse of Sloping’s upcoming full-length debut, Completed Songs, due out February 26th on sound as language.

“No Offerings” by Lunar Vacation and The Aubreys

“No Offerings” is a collaborative effort of young Atlanta alt rock act Lunar Vacation and Indie duo The Aubreys (who you may know from their previous band Calpurnia, or one member being the kid from Stranger Things). Created during quarantine, the two bands sent recordings back-and-forth until they finally built what would become “No Offerings,” then laid down the track at Big Trouble Studios. “No Offerings” balances longing lyrics while still evoking the psychedelia and catchiness of 1960s Rock ‘n’ Roll legends like The Zombies and The Kinks.

“IMISSU” by Shy+Summer

There is an unmistakable message in “IMISSU”: Shy+Summer misses chilling his friends. It’s a relatable sentiment from the versatile rapper, who you may also recognize as the vocalist of energetic Hardcore band Playytime. “IMISSU\’\’ wistfully pines with a flowing, angelic beat produced by alovesopure. It’s not all nostalgic yearning for Shy+Summer though; “IMISSU” is a thoughtful reminder to stay hopeful.

“Ravioli!” by 33 Life feat. 6 dogs

While “Ravioli” is a fun, carefree single from 33 Life, it unfortunately marks one of the last collaborations with 6 dogs, who tragically passed January 26th. Chase Amick, the 21-year-old rapper who rose to prominence performing under the name 6 dogs, was a constant musical collaborator with his close friends in the Atlanta rap scene. 6 dogs’ contribution to “Ravioli” exemplifies his trademark playful-yet-lackadaisical delivery that had the remarkable ability to even make a song about making italian food seem cool. 6 Dogs presence in the Atlanta music scene will be sorely missed, but his contributions will not be forgotten.

Catalys2 by Ethereal

Ethereal is nothing if not prolific. The rapper and producer’s latest album Catalys2 comes only a few weeks after the December release of his nine-song EP HeatDeath4Prelude. Catalys2 is a more understated, solitary effort, as the album doesn’t include the numerous collaborations that usually appear on Ethereal’s releases. However, the slick production and precise lyrics we’ve come to expect from Ethereal are still certainly present.

Digital Devotion by they

They is playing dress-up in a closet full of familiar dance music conventions on Digital Devotion, and they’re having a blast. The Y2K-inspired debut LP is as flirty as an AOL chat room, and follows the release of lead single “FEEL IT” and its subsequent remix by Easy WorkDigital Devotion is pure, care-free fun; unburdened by strict roles and rigid identities. They is only concerned with the party, and you’re invited.

T.T. Mahony Is French People by French People

T.T. Mahony brings a unique wit and panache to every musical role he plays. Whether it’s in his numerous comedic joke bands, playing organ for famed Organ Karaoke at Sister Louisa’s Church in Edgewood, leading the annual David Bowie tribute show Bowie In Sweats, or as pianist in the Earl’s yearly Charlie Brown Christmas production. This time, Mahony brings his talents to a new project, French people. Including songs written over the course of the last decade, T.T Mahony Is French People is a theatrical electronic album full of fanciful synth pop.

High Low Hum by Park Ranger

In his debut release High Low Hum, electronic artist Daniel Eberlein AKA Park Ranger demonstrates a masterful grasp on the intersection of noise and music. Stand-out track “Street of Crocodiles” is over fifteen minutes of sound that transitions from the whirring of a film projector into muffled spoken word; followed by static that unfurls into a cacophonous symphony that devolves into drowning synths. Minimal yet challenging, High Low Hum goes on a journey through an ever-evolving sound collage that tests what ambient music is allowed to be.

“iWant” by Stemlines

In her newest single, Stemlines shows an unmatched mastery of building musical and emotional tension. “iWant” pushes and pulls in its blending of whirling synths, jangly guitars, and off-kilter percussion. Stemlines intuitively strikes lyrical and sonic balance in the coarse vocal tonality of “All I want is mine / And I want everything” and smooth RnB harmonies delivery of “I feel the weight / You’ll never be alone.” “iWant” manages to be both impassioned and delicate, while juxtaposing assertiveness and sensitivity.

Popular Music That Will Live Forever (Spring ‘21 Sampler) by Marching Banana Records

Marching Banana Records presents a peek at recent and upcoming releases on the community-driven DIY Pop label with their Spring 2021 sampler. Popular Music That Will Live Forever is a real who’s who of Athens/Atlanta Indie Pop; featuring tracks from George, Delorean Gray, and Jianna Justice. The sampler also introduces new solo projects from members of Atlanta-via-Athens bands Neighbor Lady and Dead Neighbors. Also, consider purchasing the compilation from bandcamp; all the proceeds go to the ATL Solidarity Fund.

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