Ep. 61: Mainline News Hour: Mekko Chebon Kernell & Dr. Craig Womack

This week, Aja is joined by Mekko (chief) Chebon Kernell of the Muscogee (Creek) Tribe and Dr. Craig Womack, Creek author and former professor of literature at Emory University. This interview was recorded on Nov. 15 and airs just ahead of Muscogee (Creek) Tribe members’ historic migration to their sacred homelands in so-called Atlanta for the first time in 200 years since forced removal of the tribe began in 1821. The stomp dance ceremony will take place on Nov. 27 at the South River Forest and is open to the public.

Rev. Kernell, of the Native American Comprehensive Plan and Helvpe Ceremonial Grounds, shares the intention of the migration and connection with community leaders in the metro Atlanta area. Dr. Womack joins to share his experience as a Creek person living in the Southeast, teaching at Emory University, and some of the history of the treaties formed in 1821. Especially at a time of year white-washed by colonial trappings, we’re grateful for the time Rev. Kernell and Dr. Womack granted us to share their voices and stories.

To support Muscogee (Creek) tribal members’ return to sacred lands in so-called Atlanta, visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-muscogee-stomp-dance-in-atlanta

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