Ep. 48: Zuri Tau of Social Insights Research

Last week, research organization Social Insights Research—a woman of color-led firm working to decolonize research & evaluation to produce data that amplifies marginalized perspectives—released its findings from research conducted to learn how Atlantans feel about Cop City, the newly proposed $90 million police training facility developed between the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Police Foundation in unincorporated DeKalb County.

Atlanta City Council was expected to vote on the legislation that would authorize the ground lease of city-owned land known as the Old Atlanta Prison Farm to APF on Sept. 7. After receiving nearly 17 hours of public comment line calls, the council delayed deliberation until the evening of Sept. 8.

Founding editor Aja Arnold was able to connect with Social Insights Research founder Zuri Tau, who spearheaded the research which shows that 98% of Atlantans surveyed do not want the police training facility in South Atlanta and that 90% of Atlantans surveyed do not want a new police training facility in Atlanta in general. The two anxiously await for deliberation on the legislation to begin in council as they discuss Tau’s methodology, the story the data tells us, and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s letter sent to city council members just a couple hours ahead of their vote.

Social Insights Research’s Community Survey on Development of Police/Fire Training Facility in Atlanta: https://site-2670551-5163-2537.mystrikingly.com/

Social Insights Research official website: https://www.socinsights.com/

Social Insights Research on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SocialInsights8

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Mainline’s latest report, “Official documents show no community members present on training facility advisory council”: https://www.mainlineatl.com/police-training-facility-advisory-council/

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