Ep. 42: Covering the ATL Homeless Union arrests at City Hall

Late Sunday night, as the city was celebrating “Independence” Day, The Mainline received a press release from the newly-formed ATL Homeless Union that they would be hosting demonstrations at an encampment outside of City Hall every day this week. Their release included a short list of demands for elected officials: homes, healthcare, water, and a seat at the table. By Monday afternoon, Atlanta police swept the encampment, violently arresting a total of nine non-violent protesters. We are still unclear where the police received the order to perform mass arrests in response to the houseless communities peaceful protest. This special audio report contains our editor-in-chief Aja Arnold’s retelling of the story in her role as publisher and beat reporter, featuring on the ground reports from organizers on the scene.

Credit to ATL Homeless Union leader Diesel, attorney Gerald Griggs, Alfred Shivy Brooks, and Devin Barrington-Ward for their special audio appearances in this report. Audio credit to Griggs and Brooks, whose live Instagram reports helped us develop this story to properly present it to listeners.

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