Ep. 38: Defund the police, decarcerate our prisons, abolish rape culture.

This past week, Georgia police killed two people in less than 24 hours. One victim was shot and killed during a police chase in Carroll County, and the other was shot in his home in DeKalb County. Matthew Zadok Williams, 35, was found dead in his apartment in the Decatur area when a SWAT team entered his home on Mon., April 12. His family wasn’t notified for over 24 hours. He was known lovingly by his middle name.

This killing occurred within days of the police murder of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn City, Minnesota, which has since sparked another wave of protests across the country.

Aja takes listeners through the Mainline’s local news beat breakdown, walking through details of Zadok’s murder, the details local news and police omitted as provided by Zadok’s family, and recent reports of inhumane and illegal conditions at Lee Arrendale State Prison in Alto, Ga. Today, recent events in Georgia bring us to conversations of abolition and transformative justice. There’s a relatively small to do list to get us started: defund the police, decarcerate our prisons, and abolish rape culture.

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