April 2021 Release Round Up

As the possibility of reopening and resuming public activity seems likely for 2021, catch up with some releases you may have missed from Atlanta artists during April. Who knows? Maybe we\’ll be seeing them live in the not-so-distant future.

“Projections” by Keron

Keron replays every second of a fleeting missed connection in the debut single “Projections.” The spoken-word track chronicles an innocuous interaction that, upon reflection, transforms into an affecting moment of unfulfilled potential. Keron eases the regret by scoring the interaction with dynamic, jaunty guitars.

“Eternal Blue” by The MLTYS

“Eternal Blue” is a distillation of all the most satisfying parts of early 70s hard rock, with a splash of psych rock. While they draw obvious inspiration from Black Sabbath and Motorhead, The MLTYS are never quite sinister or dark. Instead, “Eternal Blue” energetically whirs and buzzes along to create a playful, self-aware homage to proto-metal.

“By Summer” by Often

Often teases a much-awaited full-length debut with their new atmospheric single, “By Summer.” Spending the last 4 years releasing a handful of singles, Often has honed their distinct gift for creating moody, atmospheric RnB. The result is a more confidently poised Often on “By Summer.” It’s perfectly evident in the music video for “By Summer,” as Often self-assuredly communes with nature in the wake of a spiritual awakening.

Lil Heart Eyes by Lil Heart Eyes

Lil Heart Eyes’ self-titled debut EP proves they’re learning the art of precision to make effective, concise pop music. Notably leaning into hyperpop, Lil Heart Eyes flaunts a new set of sounds, but retains the sharp trappiness of their previous singles.The bite-sized three-track EP clocks in at just a little over 6 minutes, but utilizes every second to great success.

“You Said It All with Your Eyes” by Buckhead Shaman

Buckhead Shaman’s signature shimmering hi-fi glossiness is in full effect on “You Said It All with Your Eyes.” Produced by Tamaryn and Gang Gang Dance collaborator Jorge Elbrecht, “You Said It All with Your Eyes\’\’ shows off how polished and dynamic Buckhead Shaman can truly be. Between this and last month’s single “Get the Lotion,” it’s plain to see Buckhead Shaman is primed to advance his body of work to the next level; as he’s mastered creating crystalline hypnagogic pop.  

“Cardboard Queen” by Dot.s

It’s no doubt Dot.s could churn out pleasant pop music in their sleep, and they’re back with a double feature. Equally mellow and thematically similar, “Cardboard Queen” is accompanied by the simultaneous release of the single “Glossy;” showing off Dot.s’ softer, poppier side. The two new tracks sand off some of the dancy synths and striking percussion from 2020’s Long for This World, but it’s in favor of a more refined and reposeful version of the long-standing indie pop outfit.

“Broken Glass” by Cashumilk feat. Ren Haze

“Broken Glass” would be a perfect track selection for a modern installment of Dance Dance Revolution at the highest difficulty. Cashumilk races through a dozen conventions in electronic music in under three and a half minutes; calling on trap beats, trendy hyperpop, and turn-of-the-millenium Eurodance-pop. The chaos is only broken for a moment for a smooth verse from Ren Haze, then it’s right back to stomping it out on the dance pad at break-neck speed.

“Money First” by DavidTheTragic

DavidTheTragic is on the precipice of stardom, and he knows it. In the first single since 2020’s how it feels, “Money First” shows the Atlanta rapper with a good grasp on both the potential of his budding career and the pitfalls of navigating the music industry. He’s unwavering, but it’s clear that once the right deal or opportunity comes along, DavidTheTragic is getting the bag.

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